The Power to Overcome

Welcome to today’s coaching session from MyInspiration4Life.

Your Challenge in this week’s coaching session is to find an enemy and pick a fight!

Everyone needs an enemy.

  • Luke had Darth Vader.
  • Batman had the Joker.
  • David had Goliath.
  • Rush Limbaugh has the liberals.
  • Lance Armstrong has cancer.
  • Apple has Microsoft.
  • Rocky had Apollo Creed, then Mr. T, then the Russian

What is’s enemy? Negativity, doom and gloom attitudes, mediocrity, and the mindset of “I’m not worth it.”
flickspire - The Power to Overcome

The Power to Overcome

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5 thoughts on “The Power to Overcome

  1. Brenda Wagner

    You write: Everyone needs an enemy. In the list you have under that title you have “Lance Armstrong has cancer.” Shouldn´t it be “had.” Just last night I was talking to my younger sister & telling her what a disgrace that man was, is? He not only had cancer, but he was full of deception, lies, greed, pride, etc. I am not sure how to unsubscribe to these motivational videos, but I just got unmotivated to go on any further, but thanks anyway. I´m sure you have some great videos, but will have to pass.

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