Our goals can only be reached

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”
~Pablo Picasso

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“You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, ‘Plan your work and work your plan.’ Planning is as important as purpose because it gets you where you’re going… faster. To do twice as much in half the time, you can’t approach your goals haphazardly. A well-thought plan will keep you clearly on track towards your goal; and the methods of planning are as varied as our personalities. So, what is your method of planning?”
~Amy Jones
Author of Twice As Much in Half the Time

16 thoughts on “Our goals can only be reached

      1. D.Madavamoorthy

        When your plan is truncated by your pier’s action , modify your plan instantly, to suit that situation. Try to correct your planning , taking those piers as well other interventions, and make your plan workable.

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          Okay, I’m giggling to myself at a coffee shop over here. You two are inspiration for waiting… you’re so darn cute. A few things:1. Yay for Matt with the side-hug! Love it.2. I love Matt’s addition to the list. Making a mental note not to talk about myself too much. Haha 3. Love the thought of you guys reading this post together.4. Anna, going to your blog to read your wisdom and thoughts right now. You always have such wisdom for me. Can’t wait. sotrulylovely.blogspot.com

      2. p.r.viswanathan

        piers wish to work their plan.You study the plan, work the shortfalls, redo the plan,submit to the pier.Leave the decision to them.Be patient and persuasive .the pier will give his ears/thoughts and slowly respond to your thinking.Always be in a WIN WIN situation.Good luck.

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        Ann, you’re moving right close to me. Sligerlands is in my town (Bethlehem). Please reach out!! Really want to reconnect and make your transition a whole lot easier by showing you around and giving you the local inside scoop.

      4. http://www./

        Wow it’s such a long ad, it really tells a story with a beginning middle and end, it has a plot, characters, suspense and humour. These days we have a talking meerkat making puns.

      5. go-general.com

        Han är ju så härlig med sitt stora musikintresse, goa Joel. Härligt att ni har haft en bra midsommar. Du ska se att du får vara med på alla sommarens födelsedagar och mer än så! Kramar till dig och familjen från familjen T Lundgren

        1. Heidi

          I’m sorry but some St. Lucians are spoilt and still have this mentality that everything has to be handed to them! Parents, your children got an opotutrnipy that others did not, now is it that difficult to reach into your pocket and pay their airfare home? What else do you want? A guaranteed job, with a house and car once they return to St. Lucia?

        2. autofinanzierung mit schlussrate

          La notizia più divertente del sorteggio è il girone del city, speriamo che i citizens facciano la fine dell’anno passato almeno si ride un po’ sentendo le giustificazioni del tipo: “Però non ho in squadra ne Cristiano Ronaldo, ne Messi, ne Van Persie!”

  1. Phillip

    I personally believe that as much as we have a lot to move away from as Christians, there is nothing so important than to know on how to control our minds, i used to think that how on earth can satan control our minds,but now, i know that it is true that mouth have power to build and to destroy, so is the mind a road map to our destiny.


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