Life is like Coffee

Do you know people that just seem to be happier in general?

Do you say to yourself, “I want to be more like them”?

Often, the happiest people in the world don’t have the best of everything…they just make the best of everything!
flickspire - Life is like Coffee

Life is like Coffee

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23 thoughts on “Life is like Coffee

  1. wendy

    While I get what the video’s saying, I also can tell you that a cup made of bad materials (think some kinds of plastic that impart an undesirable taste) can ruin the coffee,(or let it all leak out so you don’t have any coffee to enjoy). On the other hand, a cup which speaks to you (which may be elegant–or not–depending on your taste), if not improving the actual taste of the coffee, can improve your enjoyment of the experience.

    You may think I’m nitpicking the metaphor, but I think that holds true when you go back to life, too.

    1. nelson

      As long as the point gets across though. You prove that we must look at both sides, which is ever present in all things. Hugs.

    2. chris

      After experiencing the whole session i found out that
      Neither the cup nor the coffee
      Had anything to do with the process
      In actual fact it was the meeting of like minded people ourselves that actualy gave the flavour to the conversation
      Yet everyone is aware of the flavour coming out of there own mouths
      Each person decides how sweet or sour the conversation is going to be
      Along with who will be the recipient of our chossen words which drip of our tongues sometimes like acid and sometimes connected to the sweetest honey on the planet
      Often we meet strangers but mostly think negative things concerning them which was once so easily to do
      We criticize without reason and often deploy fiery missiles of hate
      But then realization often accounts for humans experiencing some form of experience where they are forced to change there internal mechanismn for the better
      This will only be accomplished once we drink a cup of coffee with a total stranger
      Which then examining the aftermath of that meeting will we be open to receiving a second chance at life

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    1. shahnaz sheriff

      A good or bad container (change it immediately….’throw ‘it away) ….it will influence my ‘mood’ not really the flavor of coffee.Even if the cup leaks- I hope the few sips will still be relishing. Oh the attitude I feel at that moment…will make my coffe taste good or bad.Life is like that!

        1. Cindy

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  2. Basant

    Though we all understand the meaning and implication of this message , however most of us choose to remain in a denial mode.


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