Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Mind

We have all heard the phrase, you become what you think about.  So as long as you are going to think anyway, why not think positive thoughts and get positive results? Everything you say, do or become had its beginning in your mind.  With that being said, is it any wonder that our first coaching session together titled, “Change Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts” is the foundation of all others?  Of course not!

flickspire - Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Mind
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Mind

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19 thoughts on “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Mind

    1. Krystal

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    3. criminal case

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    1. Brandy

      When i checked the Gantun camera wasnt working. Just checking out the other cameras took me back to when I went on this cruie – I can’t beleive it was 3 years ago!PS – Beci I am sure you are happy to hear that the terpematures back in Seattle are hitting record highs! You probably have cooler weather in Panama!

    2. dot road test

      Yaahh… begitulah dunia skrg ini Joe, yg bantu org dan berbuat baik dicurigai dibilang agamaisasi, yg jelas2 korup dan ngisap darah org didepan mata didiemin aja (mungkin si curiga-er ga punya nyali utk ambil tindakan), kok ga dibilang iblisisasi ya?

    3. darlehensrechner

      Ist irgendwie ja schon geil. Nachdem der große Hype um Wolfram Alpha inzwischen vorbei ist, versucht man krampfhaft Anwendungsfälle zu finden, die eine größere Nutzung erschließen würden. Bin ja mal gespannt, wie lange es noch dauert, bis der Laden von einer größeren Firma aufgekauft und in deren Standard-Suchtechnologie integriert wird (so als kleiner netter Unterpunkt).

  1. Sunita Johansson

    Thank you very much for this motivational thought.Though i saw it again but it gives the same nice feeling.

  2. Rachmat

    Am a senior man in age…and still getting the effects of the good messages you are delivering..this one really awesome..

  3. Dan Flinn

    I have had a great week. I’m in a play at a local community cultural arts place. I feel like I go about life better, when I’m busy, in a play or acting, or helping some one. This was a great video and I’ll keep watching. I’m in the winter of my life, but as long as I’m breathing, I feel like the lord has a reason for me being here.

  4. Lucie

    how does one shake the deep gut feeling after someones negative comments
    i work very hard at making functions for our church and somepeople just can’t stop complaing
    I pray that
    God gives them a better look on life but i can only do so much
    it gets me down andi have a hard timeto shake it off

  5. Dotty

    Really enjoyed the coaching session and found the material very up lifting and encouraging…thanks for your willingness to share your powerful information….

  6. Craig

    I stumbled upon these coaching for life while surfing the net just for fun, so chose to try them out. Boy was I ever glad I did; they are truly inspiring and provide a definable boost to one’s daily walk. Regardless of the coaching subject, spending the 6 -7 min’s watching/listening to these guys, & others really sets you up for achieving great things, through small steps, over time. I have never regretted signing up.

    Cheers to all;


  7. Leah Consuegra

    “The things that keep us excited and moving forward in life! You become what you think about.” These words are so true. Your example is very vivid…planting in you mind, I can relate this to my life. Thank you. Leah

  8. Larry Burke

    Sounds like what I need.. The problem is overcoming 70 years of wrong thinking. Oh, I have many things in my life to be thankful for, but I also have areas where I’ve never been able to succeed at.


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