Change for a Dollar

Is he asking for Change, or is he asking for CHANGE? Follow a man as he affects multiple peoples’ lives with just one dollar, proving that it doesn’t take much to be the change in someone’s life. Written and directed by Sharon Wright.
flickspire - Change For A Dollar

Change For A Dollar

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24 thoughts on “Change for a Dollar

  1. Jasna

    Crying sooo hard. My heart is breaking for this wonderful selfless man. Truly inspiring! I really needed to view this video today. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Christina

      I like how you went with this idea. That gold one is pretty nifty and of course I like the bottom one tw&;8#211opretty! Hope you’re well Alex and staying warm xo Mary Jop.s. I think Phil is still manly even if he things the cloud and rain necklaces are cute!

    1. http://www./

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  2. Mrs. J. Johnson

    this short was WONDERFUL! It should be shown in the theatres all over the world! Can’t wait to pass it forward.

  3. Dorothy

    Done beautifully! Expressed Change with change. Why not,Millions with millions do
    this every day with donations and acts of kindness. Change will happen
    starting with change in each of us.

  4. Davie

    I really thought the Change for a Dollar Movie was wonderful and may put it on my Face Book page. How does one view the other movies listed here on this sight?

    1. Viki

      A Umbanda é realmente também uma terapia, através dela tenho crescido, o meu MUITO OBRIGADA por todos os ensinamentos e deaocbertss.Um bem haja Heldney Cals, por tudo e tudo

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      Really stupid question; just bought a gopro hero 2 and played around filming in 120 fps but when watching the raw footage on my tv straight from the camera it’s not slow motion. Do I always need to edit on my computer before actually seeing in slow motion? Cheers mate

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  6. max

    Nice heart warming video. Though didn’t the guy steal something from the supermarket (at 1.14) ?!
    Not sure we should be condoning that! Did anyone else notice that? What did he pick up and put in his pocket? I think he gave it away to a guy near the end.
    However I thought it was nice touch that the little kid looked like a younger version of himself….another message there? Great stuff Thanks!


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