The Fallen Race

This race is not about training. This race is not about a fall. This race is about rising to the challenge. That is what all races are about.
flickspire - The Fallen Race

The Fallen Race

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69 thoughts on “The Fallen Race

  1. Susan

    This race is about the Divine. The Divine in all of us— the rise, as in the fall never happened. Thanks for this video. Truly inspiring.

    Kind regards,


    Your videos are amazing. Since I have been giving motivational speeches to Students at Schools and Colleges, with the knowledge I have been blessed with. Your videos will help a lot for the students.

    Eagerly Awaiting your feedback

    Thanks and regards,
    B. Saifudeen

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    1. King

      Such good stuff. The mental part of the game needs to get worked on as much or more than the phyiscal part. Too bad very few players actually buy into this.

    2. http://www./

      Cette histoire est déplorable, je ne le conteste point. Ce qui est déplorable c’est le lynchage de la langue: « la télévision états-unienne ». Et après on dit que la jeunesse ne fait aucun effort. C’est triste.

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