Optimism on Purpose

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Each morning you wake up, remind yourself that you have a choice. You can choose to be in a good mood or you can choose to be in a bad mood. And since it is your choice, why not choose to be in a good mood? You’ll feel better and so will those around you.
flickspire - Optimism On Purpose

Optimism On Purpose

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11 thoughts on “Optimism on Purpose

  1. Kannan

    Our Hindu religion teaches us to begin the day ith the thought “sarve Jana Sukino Bhavantnu” meaning ,let all the people be happy.
    Your quote is excellent and is on similar lines.

  2. Thuy Tran

    I can’t watch this “optimism on purpose” video. Is there something wrong with the site that the video is not available?

    1. Maud

      I love these 1. At envigo, free will exists (but only if it is aligned to mine).2. I am not so much of a dictator and I always try to enragcoue people to get an opinion. My hit rate is low.

  3. Roda D Hakim

    Yes yes being positive is the only way to live your life to the fullest. Certainly pessimism creeps in even when you try not to allow it.But try and bounce back as fast as you can and the temporarily lost Optimism will wiggle its way in…go try it!!!!

  4. charles

    i started off thinking that your definitions were helpful about the differences between optimism and pessimism. then, your garbage trunk example seemed like a contradiction. rather than seeing the pessimistic experience as helpful you say to avoid it. i guess you don’t think it’s better to see why you are reacting to learn to better be able to expressi optimism.

  5. Nikola

    SO SIMPLE, AND YET SO POWERFUL.!!! I agree with your EXCELLENT AND SMART ADVICE, THANK YOU.!!! Life is to short to stay under the garbage dumped on us from a garbage truck. Be optimistic, think positive , be happy, it was only somebody’s garbage and not a bomb!!!


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