Habits Run Your Life

The Encyclopedia Britannica teaches us that psychology reveals that a habit is any regularly repeated behavior that requires little or no thought and is learned rather than innate.

A habit – Which can be part of any activity, ranging from eating and sleeping to thinking and reacting – is developed through reinforcement and repetition.

Now how long does it take to develop a habit?

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flickspire - Habits Run Your Life

Habits Run Your Life

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8 thoughts on “Habits Run Your Life

  1. Narry Singh

    Truly inspirational video.helps people to start developing confidence in themselves that they can change habits which seems so invincible.Thanks.

    1. http://www.reignnj.com/

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    2. quotes Davenport

      gizmolina skriver:Ha ha, sant ! mÃ¥ste ju använda de fina man har Gud sÃ¥ härligt det lÃ¥ter med en semesterresa i sikte ! jag sitter redan och drömmer om vÃ¥r nästa…. Njut dagen ! Kram !

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